About Karen

Let’s Make Each Other Better! 

My name is Karen, and I was born right in the middle of the Boomer generation of over 76 million people.  Like many women of my generation, I am college educated, postponed having children until my thirties, and spent 33 years working in corporate America. I think I have all the generations covered in my family, as do many of you.  I am the mother of three Millennials (two living), have four Boomer siblings, and one sibling who is a proud member of Gen X.  My parents are members of The Silent Generation, and my youngest nephews are Gen Z’ers.  I spent a lot of time in the workplace with Gen X’ers and Millennials, particularly toward the end of my corporate career.  I could learn a lot from Millennials and Generation X’ers, and frankly, I think they could learn a thing or two from me.

I am a strong believer in lifelong learning.  I also believe that together everyone achieves more!

I am currently a Freelance Marketing Consultant, College Instructor, and a new Blogger.

I hope you will join the Gen2GenChat.com conversation!