Generation C. Who Are They? Are You A Member?

While doing some research for my blog this week, I came across several interesting articles describing a generation I wasn’t familiar with, Generation C.  This “community of digital natives” is of interest to consumer marketers because they are highly influential due to their need to share their lives via social media platforms.  However, the concept of Generation C is also a fascinating way to look at our culture in the digital age.  Not all Millennials would categorize themselves as members of Gen C, and there are lots of Gen X’ers and Boomers who would!  This generation is not related by birth year.   The “C” refers to Connectivity, according to one article, while another referred to Generation C as a group that thrives on “Connection, Community, Creation, and Curation. The  term has been around for over a decade.

Move Over, Millennials , an article in, outlines the importance of a different type of thinking when it comes to generations. Traits often reserved for Millennials from digital savvy, to a desire for collaboration and transparency, aren’t  necessarily unique to Millennials.  You don’t have to be a Millennial to be attached to your smart phone or embrace social media.  Young people aren’t the only ones who want to make a difference.  An excerpt from the article is below:

Generation C isn’t an age group at all.  It’s a mindset. There’s no cut-off date. You can be 15 years old or 85 years old and still be a full-fledged member. Nor is it defined by socioeconomic status, ethnicity, geography or any of the classic demographic markers. Gen C isn’t necessarily rich or poor, urban or suburban, young or old…

Members are not merely online–they’re active and engaged in online communities, from the familiar social networks to product review sites. They’re not just consuming content, they’re creating and curating it…

They move seamlessly from laptop to tablet to smart phone, connected every waking minute, often on multiple platforms. More important than what devices Gen C are using, however, is how they’re using them: as tools for participation, not passive consumption…


According to a Google article,  Meet Gen C , Gen C is a powerful new force in culture and commerce. Sixty-five percent are under 35 but they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out authentic content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they want. They can be difficult to reach with traditional media – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here – but brands that take the time to understand them and properly engage with them will find a willing and influential audience. 

I don’t think I’m “all in” with Generation C, at least not yet, but this generation is growing.  While I primarily get my information from digital sources, embrace social media, and am always connected, there are some things that I still like to do “old school”.  For instance, I still prefer to print (yes, I have a printer) documents for proof reading, or just for reading and jotting notes on the sidebars.  I love the convenience of watching my favorite programs wherever and whenever I want on my smart phone or tablet, but I also like to sit in front of a big screen TV and watch a movie with popcorn.

Are you a member of Gen C?  Will you ever be? Do you want to be? Share your thoughts with us!

9 Replies to “Generation C. Who Are They? Are You A Member?”

      1. Thanks again for reading and responding to my blog post. It’s great to hear from a Millennial who doesn’t want to be totally Gen C! Keep the comments coming!


  1. I must confess, I’m a generation x / generation c. Having the world at your finger is simply efficient Although, I do believe in privacy and will not post my private life on social media, just family celebrations.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Melanie. I totally agree that most of us are someplace in the middle, not totally Gen C, but certainly take advantage of the benefits of technology.


  2. Hmm, Generation C! Sounds about right. Everywhere I go, people are plugged in. We are addicted! I ride the train everyday, and I am noticing more and more as I walk to the train, as I stand on the platform and as I sit and ride, that everyone’s head is down, and they are not praying. They are looking at their phones, tablets and laptops (or they could be asleep).
    I have to think more about this Generation C. Thanks for such a thought provoking post.

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  3. Thanks again for reading and responding to my blog post. I observe the same thing! Wherever I go, most people have their heads down looking at their phones, and headphones on. The scary thing for me is I’m usually one of them!


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